The reception process at the airport

Zazifaun Corporation has put in place a strict and impeccable system where our dedicated representative welcomes students to the airport, performs all airport official procedures on their behalf and transfers them to their new residence in Ukraine.

Please make sure before leaving your country:

  • Must be Inform representatives at contact Enterprise About your itinerary (with itinerary details, Date And the Arrival time ) Not less than 4-5 days Before arriving in Ukraine.

Make a clear and colored copy of the flight ticket and visa page and send it to us

E-mail address: or contact 

Via WhatsApp: 00380633329995     

 Notice :Will Refuse Ukrainian airport authorities (border guard officials) Entry Any student whose name is not on the clearance list provided by our representative at the airport through the official contact points of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

This is why our representatives specialize in ensuring that students receive proper procedures at the airport before their arrival.

we've got representative The person responsible for meeting you in the arrivals hall will hold your name on a sign for easy identification. We always recommend that students request our representative's ID to authenticate their identity for security reasons. After your interview, our representative will then transfer you to your university (in Kiev, or anywhere else in Ukraine) and custom housing that was previously arranged for you. Depending on the student's preference, this accommodation is available either in university hostels or as a private apartment in the city. In either case, our representative will take you to your accommodation.

In the coming days, our institution will make sure that you are properly settled and duly registered in your university in order for you to start your academic activities in earnest as a university student in Ukraine.

All incoming students must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Again, we confirm that before leaving your country of residence, the applicant must submit Copies of his visa and flight ticket to the email of our arrival office So we can arrange airport pick-up. Unless this is done and the reception letter is available and our representative is present, the border guard authorities will prevent the student from entering and will return him to the country he is coming from.
  • There are many international flights to Ukrainian airports every day made by airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France etc.
  • If there are no airports on the university site, then it is recommended to make a trip to Kiev and from there go to your destination.

There are two international airports in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, Boryspil KBP And Zhulyani IEV .

Other international airports are located in other cities; Dnipro DNK And Ivano Frankivsk IFO And L'viv LWO And Kharkiv HRK And Odessa ODS And Zaporizhia OZH etc.

Important !

  • Be sure to bring up Tuition fee package Your own (as directed Our foundation )
  • Make sure to carry all your major documents (original certificates and credentials) in a secure file with the luggage that you will carry in your hands during the flight.

For all required documents click here 

  • Make sure you keep all funds safe with you while traveling. Never leave cash with the baggage to be shipped to avoid it being lost or stolen.
  • Make sure you have the tuition fees and some money for personal expenses. It is recommended that you bring an amount of between US $ 300-500 to be used in the few months after arrival.

 In any case, our goal is to serve the best interest of our students.

We wish you an enjoyable and safe travel and goodbye


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