It is common for many that the word economics is related to money and how it is collected, but whoever studies this specialty knows that the term economics denotes the science through which companies, factories and governments rely on the process of producing and distributing goods and goods in a way that attracts the consumer and fulfills his requirements and returns to the company with profits.

When we talk about the economy of countries, we refer by this to the economic system followed in them, its structure, and its management style, as it is considered a measure of its strength at all levels. Every country aspires to him.

Economics major

Therefore, it was necessary to establish a college in universities concerned with graduating people specialized in economics who would have an effective role in rotating the economic wheel of their country and developing it in a manner that is consistent with the continuous development in this field and economic competition between countries, and the student studies in this college for a period ranging between 3 or 4 years He learns in the first and second years basic and common subjects such as principles of accounting, statistics, mathematics, economics in addition to the subject of computers, then in the third year he specializes in one of the following specializations in order to graduate from it with a BA in economics:
1- Banks.
2- Statistics.
3- Business Administration.
4- Accounting.

Why should you study this major in economics?

1- The study of economics opens wide horizons for holders of this degree through their ability to work in various industrial, commercial, political and social fields, which will secure them a good income.
2- The economics graduate remains able to understand and assimilate the policies of the governments in his country and in other countries and analyze them to know the direction of the government and the validity of its decisions and their benefit in improving the general situation in the interest of the people.
3- The economy has its effective role in carrying out various economic, social, industrial and commercial projects that would improve the power of the state and reflect positively on its position among the countries of the world.
4- The economy enters strongly in all the details of our life, and by studying this specialty, a person becomes able to analyze and understand the movement of the productive wheel, including the process of buying, selling and marketing, and how to best manage it.


Fields of work for an economics graduate

Economy graduates enjoy abundant employment opportunities, and hardly a governmental or private entity is in need of this specialization, and we will mention some of these jobs as there is no room for mentioning all of them for the diversity of specializations in this field:
1- Teacher in schools, institutes and universities.
2- A chartered accountant or assistant accountant.
3- An auditor.
4- Working in public and private banks.
5- Economic and financial analysis of any party concerned with these matters.
6- Economic and financial analysis of the parties interested in such matters.
7- An employee in the tax collection field.
8- Various insurance companies.
9- Financial expert or advisor.
10- Presenter of economic and financial programs in various media.
11- Managing human resources and developing appropriate plans.

Postgraduate studies majoring in economics

This major is considered as a sea of science, the more you delve into it, you feel that many things are still missing from you, as the graduate of the Faculty of Economics can pursue his higher studies, which would gain him more experience and science through various master's programs according to specializations, and the period of study is two years. In the end the student will discuss a letter in front of a group of specialists, and we will mention it:
1- Master of Economics.
2- Master of Accounting.
3- Master of Business Administration.
4- Master of Banking and Financial Sciences.
5- MA in Political Economy.
6- Master of Statistics.
After the master's degree, the student can submit a PhD thesis in the same specialty, which lasts for two or three years, and finally discusses it before a specialized committee.




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