Biology is considered one of the basic sciences and pillars of knowledge in humans, rather it is considered the most important basic science - Fundamental sciences, in fact; This is because it is concerned with living beings in general, which ultimately in one way or another are in the interest of man in terms of prosperity, progress and continuous prosperity without stopping.

Biology major - biology

In order not to branch out into the sub-sciences that stem from the great science of biology, we will talk in some brief about the basic sub-sciences that fall under the science of biology, which are taught to any biology lover in any university within any country, as they are considered biological basics that can never be dispensed with.

Initially, general specializations are taught that are interested in the two main sections: Zoology and Botany, along with some general subjects such as: Bio diversity, and general biology, in addition to some other important subjects such as: General Chemistry. chemistry. This makes you more knowledgeable and comprehensive about the main principles of biology than you knew before.

Then you move to the stage of specialization, and choose either zoology or botany. In each discipline, you study subjects that are mainly concerned with and concerned with that branch, and other supplementary and subsidiary materials that help you to realize the specialization more and more deeply, such as biochemistry, for example.

But there are some common subjects between the two majors as major titles, but they are definitely different in scientific content. Like histology, animal tissues are studied in the first major, or plant tissues in the second major. As well as virology, here viruses that infect animals in the first, or that infect plants in the second are studied.

Why should you choose to study biology?

Biology is the science that when it is moved to the ground it is called medicine, as studying the organism at the cellular and anatomical level not only helps in understanding its mechanism of action, but also in modifying, healing and fixing the defect in that mechanism, if any. This is through the application of these biological basics in reality through practical experience and experimentation in the bodies of living organisms, which has led us to reach the peak of medical knowledge now, which is increasing day by day.

Simply biology is a science that human civilization cannot give up in any way. If it happens, nature will not be harmed at all, but rather we, humans!

Available fields of work after graduation:

  • You can work in a medical laboratory.
  • Consultant in hospitals, various medical institutions or health care centers, where you have sufficient knowledge about diseases and how they are transmitted and infect individuals.
  • In some countries, a biologist can gain more knowledge in a specific medical field, and he may be appointed as a specialist doctor. This is because biology and medicine are closely related in many subjects.
  • Work with peacekeepers constantly to provide biological care to war-wounded and take their opinions as advisors in the field.
  • A teacher in one of the public or private schools according to the needs of those schools for an additional educational certificate, or your acceptance through the competency standard only. It is the most popular profession on the job market for a graduate of the Department of Biology
  • There are some sub-jobs that do not belong largely to the specialty of biology, such as: working as a sales representative for the products of international pharmaceutical companies, or working as a specialist in teaching how to communicate science to non-specialists - Science communication. Besides many other sub-functions.

Fields of Postgraduate Studies:

Certainly the biological has many opportunities to do postgraduate studies after graduation in various fields. You can apply to a foreign university to study medicine or nursing in a specialized form, or you can seek to study medical analysis science by taking a specialized degree in the field, and you can also seek work A university thesis to obtain a master's degree, then a doctorate at the university, to eventually become a university professor in your field of specialization.


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