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After obtaining admission to Ukrainian universities, the student needs to obtain a visa from the Ukrainian embassy in his home country to allow him to travel and study in Ukraine. The basic condition for obtaining a visa is to submit the required documents with the application, the application process has become since 2018 in the VFS centers specialized in the visa, which represent Ukrainian embassies in the process of issuing visas, the student may be asked in some cases to come to the embassy for an interview.

Visa officers at our institution help students overcome this obstacle by providing special training to prepare them in advance for their visa interview. With our help, we can guarantee a 100 percent success rate in visa applications for all of our applicants. We are equipped with an efficient central visa processing team with the latest updates on visa requirements and in constant contact with the Ukrainian Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs to verify visa applications for our students.

By following our directions and instructions, our students can rest assured that the visa application is an easy obstacle for them to overcome and it is guaranteed for them.

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