Interior design is one of the most important departments and disciplines of the College of Fine Arts, as this major is concerned with studying the most important cultural, environmental and space planning aspects.

Interior design is closely related to architecture, and interior design is called environmental design or interior design, as it is concerned with designing all aspects of the surrounding environment in a fun and attractive way.

The specialization in interior design requires that the individual have an artistic sense and a distinct visual vision, in addition to having the high ability to visualize the objects and conditions surrounding the artistic work to produce a strong work, and a distinct design commensurate with the high taste of society and individuals.

It is concerned with all matters related to interior decoration, design of the interior of houses and homes, preparation of concrete installations, as well as the interior matters of the house such as air conditioning, ventilation and lighting quality.

Interior design specialization:

A student can join the College of Fine Arts after obtaining a high school diploma, majoring in mathematics or sciences, or join the interior design department directly according to the university to which it is affiliated, and choose the decoration department, which branches into two main sections:

1- Interior architecture or interior design.

2- Expressive arts.

After the student completes the study of interior design in technical colleges, he receives a bachelor's degree.

Why should we choose to study interior design?

1- If the student has an artistic sense and high taste, then the study of interior design makes him able to compete locally and internationally as an educated and artistically distinguished designer in the field of interior design and decoration.

2- Facilitate the graduate's use of digital technology skills to communicate with the world in the best way.

3- Make the graduate familiar with all the technical skills and design ideas that the world has reached in the field of building materials technology, and its close relationship with the environment.

4- The interior design specialization helps to gain familiarity with all practical and technical aspects, which include the basics of coloring and drawing, planning areas and designing engineering maps, selecting appropriate materials, studying interior lighting principles and design standards.

5- Diversity of work fields for interior design students.

6- Working in the field of interior design is fun and devoid of routine, as it depends on the artistic sense of the individual, his creativity and his distinct artistic vision.

7- The student becomes able to provide the interior design according to the client's financial ability in addition to the distinct artistic taste and sense.

8- Knowing the individual how to exploit small spaces, and giving a visual visualization and suggestions that show that large area.

9- The individual gains the ability to coordinate between the shape of furniture, lighting, colors and materials of fabrics and types of paints.

10- The student acquires through studying interior design the full needs required by the labor market, and the ability to implement plans at a lower cost and higher quality.

Available fields of work for the Interior Design major:

1- Work in all fields that include the residential or commercial sector, as he can design restaurants, offices, markets and others.

2- He can also work in the field of completely renovating buildings, hotels or homes.

3- Working with interior design for kitchens and furniture, where interior design students can work in commercial furniture stores, design furniture parts or design kitchens.

4- It is possible to work in studios, offices and supermarkets, through consultations between customers and employers to choose the best designs according to what suits the customer.

5- Designing buildings, hospitals and health units with conditions that match the standards and specifications that suit each facility.

6- Working on special projects and designing trade fairs, engineering offices and companies.

7 - Work in the field of teaching by working in technical and engineering institutes and working in universities.

8- Self-employment, where the individual can not be bound to work with a company or institution, and he runs his business from his home through modern technology and computers.

Available postgraduate studies:

The student studies in technical colleges and institutes that adopt the specialty over a period of 5 years, Then the student graduates and obtains a bachelor's degree in the Department of Interior Design, and if the student wants to delve into the study of interior design to compete and confront the labor market strongly, he can resort to postgraduate studies for the specialization of interior design to include:

1- Diploma.

2- Pre-Masters.

3- Master.

4- PhD qualification.

5- PhD.

Of course, the study system, the number of years of study, and the graduate studies system differ from one college to another, and from one country to another.


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