Life for hundreds of years is based on interaction between people and the emergence of relationships between them and as a result of the nature of these dealings and the resulting rights of people on each other, whether the relationships were simple or complex, which led to the emergence of the state, and from here we proceed with the idea of the need for laws and principles to be able to advance the state so that Sharia does not prevail The jungle and the strong eats the weak.

The existence of the state is a protection for the old and the young with its laws and penalties, and these ideas have all gathered to produce a sublime idea of rights and law, which has turned into a branch of universities that is taught in all countries and is called the Faculty of Law, where a set of man-made laws that regulate the rights and duties of members of society in all personal and civil aspects is studied. In the case of penal, commercial and political matters, most of the subjects that a student will study in the Faculty of Law differ from one university to another.

1- Civil Law: It is the law that introduces students to existing civil institutions and the nature of work in them, as well as for them to learn about property and intellectual laws and how to formulate and understand them, and also in countries that rely on Islamic law in parts of their law, the personal status of non-Muslims is taught in civil law because it is considered an equal reference. For Islamic law for Muslims.

2- Islamic law: The student studies Islamic law. Some institutions need people who are familiar with the provisions of jurisprudence and Islamic law to rule on some issues, such as issues of inheritance, for example, and as we mentioned, the matter depends on the nature of the constitution that the state follows and the extent of the influence of Islamic law on this constitution.

3- Public Law: It is the law students need in order to work in the field of constitutional law.

4- Criminal law: It is related to clarifying the criminal procedure law, for example, and human rights workers should understand this type of law well.

5- Commercial law: It is the law that relates to financial businesses, companies, banks and other institutions.

The period of study for this major is four years, after which the student obtains a degree in law.

Why should you choose to study law specialization?

1-When the student chooses to major in law, he has chosen to study practical life and raise his culture to understand society, and on the other hand, to strengthen his personality with knowledge of his rights, his understanding of the law gives him the preference to take refuge in him in the correct and legal ways.

2-In addition to the large amount of information and the wide cultural background that is taught in the Faculty of Law, it gives pleasure in moving between the branches of law and knowing the secrets of its status and on what basis it was established.

3-The Faculty of Law aims to develop lessons and definitions that constitute the basic principles of the various sciences of law, without being bound by the law of a particular country or a specific religion.

4-Also, this specialization chooses those who do not like practical study. The study of law is a purely theoretical study that depends on understanding before relying on memorization. The information covered in this field is dense and accurate and relates to all aspects of life.

Fields of work after graduation from the Faculty of Law

After obtaining a degree in the College of Law, the doors to work are opened to the student wide open to the student. There is no department, company or branch in the field of business that does not involve law. We will address several job opportunities for a graduate of the College of Law:

1-Registration in the bar association to practice the legal profession.

2-Attending the Police College to graduate as an officer in the Internal Security Forces.

3-Enrollment in the Judicial Institute course to graduate as a judge practicing the judicial profession.

4-Work in ministries, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic corps.

5-Advisory work in international law.

6-Consulting work for the benefit of the public and private sectors.

7-Work for joint and private sector companies in various fields.

8-Teaching in public and private schools.

Fields of postgraduate studies in law

Postgraduate studies are available to the student after completing the four years of study, and the applicant for studies studies a major of law specialties, namely:

1- Public Law: It is the study of the rules that are based on organizing relations between the parties in which one or both of them possess public authority, namely:

  • The Constitutional law: It is the study of laws and rules related to the foundations of the system of government and the principles upon which the state is based.
  • Administrative Law: It works to regulate the activities of the executive authority to perform administrative functions and how they manage public utilities, and this law also specializes in the relationship of the state with employees.
  • Financial Law: It works to regulate the financial affairs of the state’s general budget, and what is related to resources and expenditures, as well as financial market law, competition law, customs law and general employment laws.
  • Criminal Law: It is concerned with studying the laws related to crimes (felonies, misdemeanors, offenses, and penalties) and the laws related to criminal justice imposed on them.

2- Private Law: It is the study of the rules and laws that are based on organizing relations between people who do not possess any sovereign character, and several branches fall under this law, namely:

  • civil law: It means studying the laws that govern relationships between natural persons and the laws regarding contracts, obligations and property.
  • Commercial Law: It is the law of merchants, commerce, commercial companies, banks and banking transactions.
  • Personal Status Law: It is related to issues of marriage, divorce, will and inheritance.

3-Postgraduate studies have benefits if the applicant desires a judicial position or in the public and administrative prosecution.

4-A graduate student can work as a teacher in universities.

5-Postgraduate studies are the basis for planning and progress in work through these specialized studies and their development is one of the most important pillars of the development plans of developed countries.


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