Every foreign student coming to another country will need a place that makes him feel at home

One of the most troubling causes for new students is the issue Living . Is it on or off campus? Are there enough places? Are there suitable facilities? Are the rooms single or shared? Will the roommates be friendly or hostile?

We completely eliminate all of these concerns by making appropriate accommodation arrangements on behalf of our students even before they leave their country of residence.

There are two types of housing facilities available to students:

Student accommodation on campus and

Off-campus housing (private).

The cost of housing in Ukraine depends to a large extent on the location and whether you want to rent your own place or happy to share with others and also depends on the level of comfort.

Whichever option the student chooses - university student dormitory or off-campus apartment - our representatives are always ready to make all arrangements necessary for students to settle in comfortably and focus on their studies in a pleasant atmosphere.

1. Student accommodation

Almost all universities in Ukraine provide on-campus housing facilities to students (bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs) in the form of university homes that are not only a low-cost option but are located on campus or strategically close, and you can reach the university by walking only for a period of no more than 5 minutes.

Students can have a shared bedroom (2-3 with same-sex mates max) and often an en-suite bathroom but they share living areas like kitchen, laundry room, etc.

 Amenities include:

Student size beds with mattresses, quilt, desk and chair, wardrobe, shared kitchen with dishwasher and gas / electric cooker, wireless high speed broadband internet, heating system, water, 24/7 electricity, key card access.

2. Off-campus housing (apartments)

A student can choose to live off-campus and thus rent a studio or apartment close to the university.

Apartments are very popular and can be a great option for students who want to live in city centers or residential areas where they are more comfortable and secluded than university housing.

Many rental apartments in Ukraine are already furnished with home and kitchen fixtures. Students can have a one, double or triple room apartment with their friends or colleagues to save cost.


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