Since man has been found, man has needed a way to communicate with others and interact with them and to create what is called a language, and with the difference of races and ethnicities on planet Earth, that language had to be different in every region.

Since the world has become like a small village in which a person must communicate with others from different regions, he had to learn one of the international languages that can be used as a means of reaching such as the French language, so it was necessary to find colleges specialized in teaching languages so that the student would master writing, reading and speaking them .

Some basic subjects in the French language

Like all languages in the world, French is one of the approved and widely used languages among countries and in international forums. Therefore, universities have devoted a specialization to teaching it and graduate students who master this language within 3 or 4 years in which the student learns many subjects that differ slightly from one university to another. Basic materials :
1- French grammar.
2- French literature.
3- Phonetics.
4- Writing the essay.
5- Simultaneous translation.
6- Written translation.

Why should you choose this French language major?

1- Learning another foreign language in addition to the mother tongue will enrich the mind and open new horizons for the person on the personal and professional levels.
2- French is the only language spoken in the five continents, along with English, and the second most learned language in the world.
3- Learning and mastering the French language is a key to entering the French culture and exploring the various sciences and arts in it and getting to know the most famous French personalities throughout history, such as writers, poets, writers, and others.
4- Proficiency in speaking this language will give the student wide opportunities to enter the most famous international French universities and obtain internationally recognized certificates that enable him to obtain job opportunities in international institutions.
5- During this specialization he will get acquainted with the basic grammar of the French language and its writing, then he will be fluent in speaking it, and this will give him an opportunity to enhance his ability to translate from and to French in various fields.
6- If the student loves to learn many languages around the world, French will help you to learn any other Latin language such as Spanish, Italian and Portuguese due to the similarity of vocabulary and structures, so it becomes easier if you are a master of French.

Available fields of work for a holder of a French literature degree?

The case of a graduate of this specialty is the same as a graduate of other languages, as the holder of a French language certificate awaits many job opportunities and will open wide areas for him, including:
1- The first thing that comes to mind is to work as a teacher of the French language in private or governmental schools, institutes and universities, and a graduate of this specialty can give private lessons.
2- Working in the field of translation, as many companies, agencies and even international institutions need a number of translators to deal with the various languages of the world, in addition to the possibility of joining the various French-speaking media outlets.
3- Editor and proofreader at the publishing institutions that use him to check and edit books, articles and translated newspapers before they are published.
4- A guide in transportation, travel and tourism companies, as they rely on the services of those who are fluent in several foreign languages to work on board transportation means and even as escorts for groups of tourists.

Postgraduate fields of French literature graduates:

A French literature graduate can, if he is interested in this language and wants to delve into its seas and delve into French culture, can pursue its studies through the following programs:
1- Educational qualification diploma, where the student can gain more experiences necessary to teach the French language.
2- MA in French Language and Literature.
3- MA in translation and interpretation from and to French.
4- PhD in French Language and Literature.


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