Accounting major:

The science of accounting emerged to record financial transactions between tax authorities and investors in general. This is in order to facilitate making financial decisions related to commercial establishments.

Perhaps the most important functions that the accounting science performs is to analyze the financial operations and activities of institutions, and to clarify the institution’s position on profit or loss for a specific period of time.

That is why we must point out the multiplicity of accounting branches to include: (managerial accounting - financial accounting - tax accounting - government accounting).

Why should you choose accounting as your major?

Studying the accounting major will benefit you in many areas, and give you considerable experience and culture in:

1- Accounting science is useful in every field and business, for example: Managers need all the accounting data to greatly help them in making the right management decisions.

2- It helps you to provide a detailed analysis of all financial operations in any facility, in addition to the ability to record them in legal documents.

3- The accounting study is useful in understanding and measuring the returns and costs related to any commercial or financial establishment.

4- If you have a tendency to work in a bank or investment analyst, these fields require and depend mainly on the study of accounting science.

5- Accounting knowledge contributes to understanding the financial reports of all the projects that it engages in.

6- Studying accounting provides you with job diversity, it is not required that you work as an accountant in a bank only, but there are many fields that require, and require mastery of accounting knowledge.

Certainly, the study of accounting is of great importance, as accounting is involved in all financial transactions of institutions, and even daily transactions between individuals.

That is why individuals must be encouraged to study accounting, whether in colleges of commerce or business schools and others.

The study of accounting is divided into several basic branches, namely:

  • Tax Accounting: It is responsible for all work related to taxes, calculating the individual tax, and assigning a tax statement to clients.
  • Management Accounting: It is the branch concerned with taking decisions in order to identify the financial situation of the institution or company.
  • Cost accounting: It is the branch responsible for fully following up on expenditures, supplies and preparing the facility's budget and estimating profits, in addition to analyzing all the costs of institutions such as transportation, production, management and others with the aim of collecting them, and knowing how to develop the financial efficiency of the institution.
  • Governmental accounting: It is concerned with all government financial work, by identifying all expenses related to taxes and assisting in preparing the planning of financial activities, and how to determine the budget of each government ministry and prepare general budgets.

Available fields of work for accounting major:

1- Working as a financial accountant for an institution or company.

2- Work for the tax authority as a tax advisor in public accounting firms, or in law firms or financial investment companies.

3- Financial controller to prepare budgets, prepare reports, and establish and maintain internal control.

4- An auditor.

5- Stores and warehouse references.

6- Procurement References.

7- Financial Investigator.

8- Property Estimator.

9- Working with accounting in government agencies by managing financial statements of profits, losses and liabilities, and preparing reports, accounts and tax returns.

10- Financial manager to work on administrative and financial organization and corporate budgeting.

11- Work in the various industrial sectors in the departments concerned with the accounts and financial management of the establishment.

12- Working in multiple financial services, such as working in the stock exchange, money analysis and securities institutions.

13- Self-employed and private businesses, as many competent graduates prefer self-employment in one of the financial specializations, or to run a business of their own.

Fields of Postgraduate Studies:

After the student completes the study of accounting for a period of four years according to the system of each college, the student obtains a bachelor’s degree, and if the student aspires to complete postgraduate studies and delve into the science of accounting, he is available for the following:

1- Postgraduate diplomas applied in accounting include:

 Diploma in Accounting and Auditing.

 Diploma in governmental and national accounting.

 Cost Accounting Diploma.

 Diploma in Accounting Information Systems.

 - Diploma in Tax Accounting.

 - Diploma in project feasibility study.

 Environmental Accounting Diploma.

 Diploma in Management Accounting.

2- Master's degree.

3- Doctorate degree.


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