Teaching methods specialization:

The specialization of curricula and teaching methods is considered one of the largest and most important departments of the Faculties of Education and Arts in general, as the department adopts teaching methods of teaching materials in all different disciplines, educational technology, curricula, history of statistics, mathematics, micro-teaching and others, and aims to excel in scientific research

This department is particularly concerned with supplying and equipping students with advanced trends to design modern curricula to prepare teachers and educational researchers with creative capabilities and mindsets to enhance the educational and educational performance of all educational institutions, in addition to training students to employ and use the new technology in the field of education.

Therefore, more attention must be given to the specialization of teaching methods. Because if we look at educational matters in general from their roots, we will find that teaching methods represent the key to learning and stimulating the teaching process.

Why should you choose the teaching methods major?

In general, the Faculties of Education achieve great benefits for everyone who wants to be familiar with curricula, teaching methods and curriculum preparation, and to become a successful teacher who can prepare an educated generation on sound foundations. Among the most important benefits that the graduates of the Teaching Methods Department reap:

1- The graduate becomes highly qualified with different teaching curricula and methods and training on them.

2- After graduation, the student can specialize in a large number of different fields of work.

3- This section develops the student's ability to practice and train in the teaching profession Through a field education program in which teaching skills are refined, and in which the trained student receives a great deal of guidance.

4- This section provides the opportunity for the trainee student to practice the styles of school life in all its social, cultural, and sports aspects, and everything that his mission requires to be a successful teacher.

5- This section develops the student's ability to understand the theories and approaches related to the curricula, as well as in terms of their foundations, methods of planning and construction, in addition to methods of evaluating and developing them.

6- Encouraging the student to use modern technologies, and looking forward to everything new.

7 - Enables the student to prepare curricula in distinguished and innovative ways and methods.

Available fields of work for the teaching methods major:

1- Working as a lecturer or professor at the university after graduation, and completing graduate studies.

2- Work in educational institutions and schools in different stages of education (primary primary - intermediate - secondary).

3- Working as a kindergarten teacher capable of using modern methods of teaching children.

4- Working in ministries and developing educational curricula.

5- Teaching for people with special needs in governmental and non-governmental institutions.

6- Providing consultations and training inside and outside the university.

7- The possibility of developing training through educational research in light of educational quality standards.

8- Participation in training workers in the field of education.

Postgraduate studies for this major:

After the student completes the study of educational subjects and teaching methods for a period of four years at the university level and obtains a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree according to each college, he can enroll in one of the following postgraduate programs:

1- General diploma for graduates of the Department of Teaching Methods.

2- It is possible to join a special diploma after completing the general diploma.

3- Join the professional diploma.

4- Master's degree (includes the following majors and tracks):

  • General curricula and teaching methods.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching Sharia and law.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching Arabic.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching social sciences.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching science.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching mathematics.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching English.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching art education.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching physical education.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching computer.

5- Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education, specializing in curricula and teaching methods (and includes the following specializations):

  • General curricula and teaching methods.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching social sciences.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching mathematics.
  • Curricula and methods of teaching science.

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