If we want to go back to the beginning of the emergence of mechanical engineering, research will lead us to the seventeenth century when Newton developed the most important laws of physics that were practically applied at the end of the eighteenth century to be known as the science of mechanics, and with the great industrial development that Europe witnessed, the development of mechanics and its applications began.

Mechanical Engineering major

It is a science concerned with the study of energy in all its forms through its focus on forces and motion, and this made it related to all areas of life, such as aviation, engines, machines, transportation, energy conversion, and all of its money is related to the movement of production and industry. Mechanism and the ability to apply it successfully in addition to having the necessary skills to design and operate machines, analyze complex systems, return them to their simple elements and link them with the rest of the geometries that complement each other, where the student studies in this college for a period of 4 or 5 years specializing in one of the many specializations of this engineering, of which we will mention:
1- Auto mechanics.
2- Aviation Mechanics.
3- Power Mechanics.
4- Marine Mechanics.
5- Mechatronics.
During the study of mechanical engineering, the student learns in the first year mathematics, physics, materials science and other basic subjects to enter the science of mechanics and delve into it, to get acquainted during the following years with the sciences that are considered one of the basics of mechanics. We will mention them:
1- Kinesiology.
2- The science of silence.
3- Mechanics of materials.
4- Engineering Measurement Tools.
5- Control.
6- Thermodynamics.
7- Fluid Mechanics.
8- Mechanical design.
9- Mechanics of machines.
10- Engineering drawing.
11- Air conditioning and cooling.
After graduation, the student obtains a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Why should you study mechanical engineering?

1- Upon understanding and realizing the fundamentals of mechanics, a person becomes able to achieve the success he desires in any field.
2- A mechanical engineer can work in many fields that will achieve good financial returns for him.
3- A mechanical engineering graduate has experiences that distinguish him from other engineering as he possesses experience and knowledge about the work of computer applications, electricity, design, mathematics and physics, in addition to having an idea about various social, environmental and economic factors.
4- The mechanical engineer participates in making the future, as we find his mark in many modern technology that affects our present and our future.
5- We hardly find a single field without a need for a mechanical engineer, such as airports, cars, and exploration equipment, in addition to factories and laboratories, because he has experiences and skills that are not found among graduates of other disciplines.
6- A mechanical engineer can provide his services to various scientific, industrial and service institutions and contribute to solving problems or obstacles that these institutions face.

Fields of work for a mechanical engineering graduate

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, wide fields of work await a mechanical engineering graduate, who can work in one of the following fields:

1- Study and implement water supply projects for residential cities and villages.
2- Design and maintenance of mechanical units, vehicle and aircraft engines, and industrial machinery.
3- Industrial companies, where he oversees power generation devices, design and implementation of heat and cold systems.
4- Work in the broad fields of science and technology such as manufacturing robots, nanotechnologies, biomedical applications and others.
5- Oil installations.
6- Heavy equipment factories.
7- Providing engineering consultancy.
8- Academic teaching.

Postgraduate studies in mechanical engineering

A mechanical engineer can continue his studies and delve into his specialization by studying one of the master's programs, which last for two or three years, at which point he presents a thesis discussed by a group of specialists, and we will mention some of the available master's programs:
1- Master of Industrial Mechanical Engineering.
2- Master of Space Systems and Business Engineering.
3- Master of Mechatronics.
4- Master in Fluid Mechanics and Refractories.
5- Master of Applied Mechanics.
6- Master in solar energy and renewable energies.
7- Master of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering.
After completing the master's degree, the engineer has the right to apply for a doctorate in one of the engineering specializations, which takes two or three years to study, at the end of which he submits a thesis and discusses it before a specialized committee.


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