We help you settle in after arrival

The process of settling into a new environment can be particularly troubling for young people. New neighborhood, strange food, weather, and even weird people - all of this can cause anxiety for anyone new anywhere.

In order to mitigate the effects of alienation, we help new students settle in by going out and arranging several extracurricular activities for their benefit:

City tour:

 We always arrange tours for new students within the cities of their choice, which will be their home for the next several years. By visiting places of interest, getting to know the locals and culture, and learning new culinary habits and tastes, we help bear some of the burden of loneliness that newcomers to the city will feel.

Social activities on campus: 

On campus there are many social activities which have become very attractive to students. These include sports activities, clubs and societies in different fields and interests, country-specific student groups, etc.

  In these many ways, we help students start a new life as a university student in Ukraine and the adaptation process is quick and easy.


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