The concept of psychology extends to include an adequate study of behavior in a scientific way, and control it through the study of personality, mind and way of thinking in order to identify psychological problems that afflict a person, and to know their causes and methods of treatment.

Hence, a special department for psychology had to be established to study in the various faculties, so that the student would be able, after graduation, to be a psychologist, able to identify and analyze the problems that a person is going through, and make intelligence tests and recognize the different types of personalities.

Psychology major:

Psychology is divided into several departments and branches, including:

  • Social.
  • Developmental.
  • General Psychology.
  • Philosophical Psychology.
  • Inferential psychology.
  • Political Psychology.
  • Biological.
  • Growth Psychology.
  • psychological guidance.

And others in many branches, where psychology is involved in various aspects of life, and the importance of studying psychology lies in the possibility of identifying mental disorders and treating diseases.

You can study this major in one of the colleges that includes this literary department, such as: Faculties of Education and Arts. Also, educational psychology can be studied in colleges of education.

After graduation and training, the student can become a psychotherapist. In addition, he can enroll in higher studies to become a specialist in psychological counseling, behavioral therapy, and other specialties.

Why should we choose a major in Psychology?

1- It enables the individual to properly understand himself and the behavior of others.

2- The study of psychology also helps to solve problems, whether for personal or for others.

3- Enables the individual to deal with matters in a logical manner with a rational sense.

4- It qualifies the individual to enter the labor market strongly

5- Enables the individual to study human and animal behavior.

6- It gains the individual more patience and good listening.

7- It helps the learner to differentiate between what is studied and his / her personal life.

8- It helps the individual to develop his skills and abilities.

9 - Enables the student to overcome difficult and embarrassing situations, and to deal with situations in a correct manner.

10- It improves cognitive memory and helps the intellectual uplift.

Work fields for this specialization:

1- After graduation, students can join private psychotherapy clinics.

2- Working in hospitals specialized in mental illness and mental disorders.

3- Work in the field of human resources, whether for institutions or companies.

4- Work in schools as a specialist or social guide for students.

5- Voluntary work in a care home, whether for the elderly, orphans, people with special needs, or any kind of charitable association.

6- Working in the field of research in private and governmental universities.

7- Work in the education sector in institutes and schools.

8- Work in the field of kindergarten and behavior modification.

9- Working on internet sites in psychiatric clinics and hospitals and responding to inquiries.

10- Work in government institutions such as juveniles and prisons.

11- Work in factories and agencies as a psychologist to solve workers' problems, and assist in the professional selection process for employees.

12- Working in the field of family counseling and child centers.

13- Psychological and leisure discharge specialist.

Field of Postgraduate Studies:

After the student completes the study of psychology, whether in one of the colleges or institutes, he obtains a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree, and in the event that the graduate wishes to complete postgraduate studies in the college to specialize more deeply in the specialization, it is possible for him to study the following in any of its branches:

1- Professional diploma.

2- General diploma.

3- Master of Psychology, specializing in psychological guidance and counseling.

4- Master of Counseling Psychology, Psychological Services, Educational Psychology, Growth Psychology, Psychometrics, and Industrial and Social Psychology.

5- PhD in Psychology.


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