Media and Journalism:

Undoubtedly, the media plays a vital role in complexes to a large extent, as the media is interested in transmitting reality and facts to and from the world, in addition to shedding light on all human-related problems.

There are many fields of media in colleges, where students can enroll in any of them, such as: sports, economic, or political journalism, among others.

Media specialization requires that the individual possess the artistic sense, intelligence, talent and boldness to present the event, in addition to having the ability to bear the troubles or difficulties that he may face as a result of his attempt to present ideas in a simple and correct way.

Media majors can be studied by enrolling in the Faculties of Mass Communications, or studying at one of the institutes that includes this department, or through the Faculties of Arts.

The study in the media major extends to 4 years, after which the student obtains a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree, according to the college he is enrolled in.

The study in the field of media is divided into two divisions: Arabic and English. The media specialization includes a number of departments, including: radio and television, journalism, public relations and advertising, and electronic journalism.

Why should you choose to study media and journalism?

1- Studying the media broadens the circle of culture, and the individual acquires speech skills, expressive ability and verbal fluency.

2- It benefits the student to get acquainted with the fields of modern and contemporary society.

3- The learner benefits from studying the means through which facts and information are conveyed to society.

4- The student is surrounded by various fields related to media such as: (television, journalism, radio, and others).

5- The student acquires the skill of media handling.

6- The student qualifies to work in the field of media and its branches with a high degree of competence.

7- The learner acquires the ability to think properly and exchange opinions and ideas.

8- The learner will gain a background in the social sciences and humanities.

9- This specialization develops a love of knowledge and reading.

10- It allows the student to work in a large number of fields related to media.

11- This qualifies the student to combine practical applications and theoretical studies in the field of media.

12- The scientific research process is activated to develop the field of media and write scientific letters.

Available fields of work for a graduate of the College of Media and Journalism

1- Work in press institutions.

2- Working in radio stations.

3- Work as an information analyst, as he is interested in analyzing information and data on radio or magazines.

4- Working with public or private radio or television channels.

5- Writing reports in various specializations in newspapers and magazines.

6- Working in publishing houses.

7- Work as a news editor for websites or newspapers and magazines.

8- Work for regional and public news agencies.

9- Work in the public relations department in private or public companies and institutions.

10- Working as a commentator on the news.

11- Preparing and presenting programs, whether in newspapers or radio, and others in the field of sports, politics, society, economics, art, and others.

12- Working in electronic publishing institutions.

13 - Work in educational institutions.

14- Working in advertising companies.

15- Working with information units in various projects and institutions.

Fields of Postgraduate Studies:

After the student completes the study of the media specialization, whether in the Faculties of Media or the colleges that include the specialization of Media, the learner obtains a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree, and he can enroll in graduate studies programs to improve his skills and increase the chances of competition in the labor market. Postgraduate studies in the media specialization include:

1- Diploma in Media for two years.

2- The French diploma for one year.

3- A master's degree in media, during which the student submits a final master’s thesis in the field of media.

4- Doctorate degree, subject to obtaining a master's degree, majoring in media, with a good grade.

5- Bachelor of Media in the Open Education Program.


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