Why should you choose Ukraine to continue your university studies?

University education in Ukraine offers the student a unique study experience. Here are the most important features of choosing Ukrainian universities to study.

Global recognition and accreditation

Ukrainian universities are internationally recognized for their high academic standards. Hence, their degrees (Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate) are accredited by prominent European and American accrediting bodies. Accreditation is important because it determines the quality of the education you receive and ultimately the type of profession you pursue later on after graduation.

Cost effective education

Despite high academic standards, Ukrainian universities charge some of the lowest tuition fees in Europe. Ukraine has a record of having one of the highest public spending rates in the world on education (6% of GDP) and is thus able to maintain the high quality of its university system. Ukrainian universities strike a unique balance between high-quality education and low cost of education.

Guaranteed and Smooth Acceptance

Admission is simple, fast and guaranteed. You don't need to take any exams - TOEFL, ICSC, JAMB, IJMB, SAT, or entrance exams. Your basic high school diploma is sufficient to guarantee your place at a Ukrainian university.

Immediate admission

Admission is processed instantly - without undue formalities and red tape. It only takes 3-5 days after the invitation is extracted to reach your home address.

I study in English

Study in English as an international student. English is a major medium of instruction in Ukrainian universities - most of the faculty and teachers have a background in English. This provides students with an amazing advantage in preparing for the global market where they will work.

Small Classes (15-20 per class)

Small classes at Ukrainian universities create a symbiotic relationship between faculty and students. Professors and other faculty not only know students by name but also give them the individual teaching attention they need.

Smart classrooms and high-tech facilities

The university buildings and dormitories have an internet connection via Wi-Fi throughout so that you can use your laptops, tablets and smartphones. There are also several computer labs and a printing center.

Students from more than 75 countries

Students come from all over the world. There are students from over 60 nationalities from the European Union, North and South America, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Ukrainian universities have an alumni network that extends to more than half of the countries of the world!

Student associations and social clubs

It is not just about work and study. There are a lot of extracurricular activities taking place on the social side of Ukrainian university education, whether it is football, debate, acting or music, you will quickly find friends on campus who share the same interests. Moreover, contests, meetups and contests are always organized to actively involve students in these social activities.

Bilateral exchange programs

A regular feature of Ukrainian university education is the establishment of bilateral exchange programs with other universities in other parts of Europe. This exchange program exposes international students to other higher learning environments and promotes their academic maturity and cultural diversity.

Low cost of living

Ukraine has one of the lowest cost of living indicators per capita in Europe. This means that it is one of the most economically friendly places in the world for students to live and study.

Work and study

Ukrainian labor laws allow international students to work even while studying at a university. You can earn up to $ 700 a month while you work. This will effectively help defray the student's living expenses.

Possibility of permanent residence in Europe

International students in Ukraine have high chances of residing permanently in Europe after graduation by having gainful employment in these countries. They can then apply for citizenship of such nationalities if they wish.

There is no barrier to the language

An international student in Ukraine is not hindered by his lack of understanding of the Ukrainian and Russian languages which are the most widely spoken languages of Ukraine. This is because the English language is also widespread and it is enough for you to live with it day in and day out.


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