Low costs for a world class European education

Over the years, Ukraine has maintained the quality of European higher education standards as well as retained the most important features of attraction, which is the low cost of tuition. Ukraine is one of the largest spenders on education in the world. The Ukrainian state allocates 6% of GDP for spending on education, and this is within the Ukrainian universities to maintain high quality education with Not to prejudice the low cost option

Global accreditation of Ukrainian certificates

Ukrainian universities are internationally recognized for their high academic standards. Hence, their degrees (Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate) are accredited by prominent European and American accrediting bodies. Accreditation is important because it determines the quality of the education you receive and ultimately the type of profession you pursue later on after graduation.

About living in Ukraine

Ukraine is an independent country in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe by area: it is 603 thousand square kilometers. It consists of 25 provinces or administrative regions.

the climate

The climate in Ukraine is mostly temperate continental. Summer is warm and long: the average temperature is +24, + 25 ° C; Winters are freezing and moderately snowy: the average temperature is -7, -10 ° C.

the currency

The national currency of Ukraine is the hryvnia (UAH).

National symbols of Ukraine

The official coat of arms of Ukraine - a golden trident on a blue background.

National flag - blue, yellow.

The official language - Ukrainian.

Public holidays in Ukraine

  • January 1 - New Years Day
  • January 7 - Orthodox Christmas
  • March 8 - International Women's Day
  • Moving Day - Easter
  • Easter + 45 days - Orthodox Pentecost
  • May 1 and 2 - International Labor Day
  • May 9 - Memorial Day (to commemorate the end of World War II)
  • June 28 - Constitution Day
  • August 24 - Independence Day

A comfortable and attractive country

If you've ever been to Ukraine, you might have experienced the majestic architecture of the many adventure-packed cathedrals, monasteries and mountain ranges (albeit relatively modest in height) - whether you've gone skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing (and you should definitely Do at least one of those in Ukraine!).

Ukraine is rich with unique culture, traditions and hospitable and loving people. And a young people like the country that gained independence in 1991. They embody the youth of modern Europe. Everyone who visits Ukraine feels a new pulse of life here.

Ukraine has a rich historical background that spans over a thousand years. The most powerful empires of the world fought for the right to own this wonderful land. In the west of the country, they are scattered in the blue-colored Carpathian Mountains, and in the south they decorate the boundless steppes of the Black Sea and the fairytale-like Crimea, which in ancient days were a focal point along the Silk Road.

All this, combined with the diversity of nature, temperate and temperate climate, and rapidly growing commercial and tourism infrastructure, Ukraine promises its popularity a new and interesting destination for international tourism.

useful information

Ukraine is also home to more than 800 higher education institutes and has a diversified economy, mostly concentrated in and around major cities such as Kiev, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Odessa, Sumy, Vinnytsia and many more. It also has significantly lower tuition fees than many countries, both in Europe and around the world. So whether you are a history buff, nature lover or future entrepreneur, study opportunities in Ukraine can be what you are looking for.


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