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Applying to any university in Ukraine (or anywhere else in the world) can be a slow and painstaking process that requires weeks and months of waiting and worrying expectations. However, you are not sure if the result will be positive.

As an official and approved partner of the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education and State Universities, we remove all doubts, red tape, and systemic delays from the admission process from the start. Due to our premium location, we are able to quickly track the entire admission process and get it done in just a few days of processing time.

Our admission process is smooth, simple, foolproof and fast.

Admission to Ukrainian universities is simple and flexible. You don't need to take any exams like TOEFL SAT JAMB , Etc. Your primary high school diploma Enough to last you For admission and obtaining a bachelor's degree. We guide you through the admission process smoothly to ensure that your admission is secured in the shortest time possible.

How to apply for registration

The admission application can be completed in a few easy steps.

You must first fill out the online application form found here.

You can send a direct registration request to the application office via WhatsApp: 00380633329995

Once the application form is filled out, it must be submitted along with the following documents:

  • International passport (valid for at least one and a half years)
  • Bachelor's degree applicant: School Graduation Certificate (O level / A level / SSCE / HSSCE / IGCSE / WAEC / NECO)
  • Master's degree applicant: Bachelor's degree with transcripts + school leaving certificate
  • Doctorate degree: Master's degree with records, Bachelor's degree with records + School leaving certificate
  • PG advanced medicine degree: MD / MBBS degree with transcripts + school leaving certificate

All documents not original in English or French must be translated into English or Ukrainian before submitting them.

Please note that to complete the online application process, you will need to pay Fees for the admission process and the study invitation 

International students relocation

The current university student, whether inside or outside Ukraine, may choose to transfer from his current university to another university in Ukraine. In such a case, the student needs to undergo the regular admission process detailed on our website.

In addition, he must send copies and records of his academic work and study credits at his current university to our email address:

You should also send scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Records of his academic work and credits
  • Texts from previously attended universities
  • School certificates
  • Home (information) of the international passport
  • the full address
  • phone number

Please note that all documents must be in English or Ukrainian

The above-mentioned documents will be examined by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education to ascertain whether the student meets the required minimum required credit hours requirements before transfer is approved.

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