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Undergraduate majors of the scientific department

The duration of the study is 4 years

Tuition fees starting from

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What are the university majors of the scientific department in Ukraine?

People always talk about university majors that are better for the individual, and also the scientific field must match his personal inclinations, and it is not as a condition that you like a certain field that it can achieve that success for you in the future, but there is a university specialization that provides all his studies with job stability for them, and the scientific field in physics, chemistry and sciences Biology often provides higher education degrees from universities and colleges and gives them a greater opportunity in the job market.

Chemistry engineering

It is available for students of the scientific department in which the field of chemical engineering is included, and it provides learners with a number of work groups in various large companies that specialize in the field of medicines and this eliminates a reasonable rate of unemployment, as it will achieve a growth rate of work in it from 4 to 7 with water. The per capita income of the worker is very high.

College of Medical Sciences Technology

The field of medical care is of great importance at the present time and may bring a bright future for students to all students, and it awards bachelor's degrees to them from various colleges and universities, and it provides an educational field that studies medical technology, and the study in it is based on knowledge of clinical laboratories and the science of chemistry and biology.

It provides job opportunities for graduates in all hospitals throughout the country, as well as laboratory laboratories, and contributes to reducing the unemployment rate from 2 to 4 percent. The specialist in the medical technology field achieves a two-year income level of up to $ 5,000, and in 2020 it may achieve a growth rate of 13 percent.

The field of physical therapy

Obtaining a degree in this specialization is not an easy matter for individuals, but when you succeed in it and finish your studies in various degrees of bachelor's, master's and doctorate in the field of physical therapy, and you need four years of study, and the student deals in this field with health sciences, anatomy and biology.

The physical therapist also finds an employment opportunity available in rehabilitation centers and hospitals, as for the follow-up of the unemployment rate in the field of work for them, at low rates, ranging from 2 to 5 percent, and the average salary with it reaches $ 60 thousand, and there is an expectation of an increase in the job parameters by large rates of 33 percent With the current year 2020 AD.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Did you know that individuals who specialize in the field of pharmaceuticals have very high incomes, and in order to be allowed to work in this field, you need a bachelor’s degree as a minimum for that, and that individuals obtain advanced degrees in that field will improve their income and so on continuously upon obtaining higher postgraduate studies, and has studies Bachelor’s degrees awarded by various universities and colleges, and you will work in the field of drugs and interactions for it.

Pharmacists are always what he needs in pharmacies, hospitals, and drug laboratories, and he has large salaries of 10,500 dollars, but that is according to experience and academic degree, and the unemployment rate is low for that category, reaching 3 percent, and with the current year it may achieve a growth rate of up to 25 percent.

Areas of medical assistance

It is one of the important jobs that all health care professionals and hospitals seek to appoint individuals who specialize in these tasks, and it is a job that has a sustainable growth method and requires a number of certificates, which may allow you to graduate in high positions, and this specialization is a wide field offered by a group of universities and colleges spread In all parts of the country, scientific specialization is completed within two academic years for students, which paves the way for the individual to obtain a job opportunity in health care.

The medical assistant is largely responsible for implementing doctors ’instructions, mostly in the field of work in the hospital through the implementation of tasks that require administrative and clinical skills, and the unemployment rate has reached between 3 to 5 percent in various parts of the country, and the average annual income of these people reaches 50,000 thousand It is achieving a high growth rate of 13 percent of jobs with the current year [2].

Field of Computer Science

Computer majors have very wide job opportunities, and computer majors each have a degree of appreciation, but there is the field of systems and administrative information. There are universities and colleges who specialize in a bachelor’s degree in it. The study in information systems takes from 3 to 4 years.

It has a group of job opportunities in major companies in various countries, and the unemployment rate is low, ranging between 5 and 7 percent, and there is a growth rate with the current year reaching 18 percent, and the average annual income for workers in this field may reach sixty thousand dollars a year.

Fields of construction and building management

Employment demand increases in this field, and degrees are granted in this field by a number of universities and colleges spread across the country, and work in this field requires a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate’s degree and requires study years ranging from 3 to 4 years.

The construction manager is responsible for the construction process, and unemployment rates for this area are very low, reaching 5 percent, and there are high growth rates for these jobs, reaching 17 percent this year, and an average annual income of $ 50,000.

Fields of Electrical Engineering

It is one of the university majors that need great efforts, but job opportunities may compensate you for all the difficulties that you may face, and a scientific bachelor’s degree in this field requires years of study that may reach 4 years, and it has a master’s and doctorate degree in postgraduate studies.

Large companies need this specialization in the field of work through the need for them in power stations and other industrial facilities in which electricity is included in the field of manufacturing and work, and the unemployment rate ranges between 5 to 7 percent and the annual income reaches 60 thousand dollars, and the growth rate is 6 percent with the current year . [1]

The field of aviation science and technology

Despite the difficulties it has during study, especially in academic dealing with it, but the good salary that you may get may compensate you for that, and individuals who work in those jobs may graduate to higher administrative levels and there are a large number of universities that grant degrees with it.

There are programs that award degrees to students and prepare them while studying in the field of aviation, and some of them are interested in the engineering side, and some of them study mechanics and aerodynamics, with a salary of up to $ 60,000 a year, unemployment is low at 4 percent, and the expected growth for 2020 reaches 5 percent.


Advantages of studying scientific disciplines in Ukraine

  • Global recognition (WHO, UNESCO, Council of Europe, Association of International Universities);
  • Education standards validated and in compliance with European Union requirements;
  • Cost-effectiveness, as Ukraine is one of the cheapest places to study and the installment costs are the cheapest, Oruria
  • Ukrainian certificates are internationally accredited and allow their holder to practice the profession after graduation
  • Emphasis on the practical side. Most Ukrainian universities have practical training and internship centers and facilities.
  • Large educational and training facilities, and practical work using modern equipment;
  • The admission process is very simple. No tests and exams!
  • To study in English, no IELTS or TOIFEL is required;
  • The admission process does not exceed 3 working days
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