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General Medicine

The duration of the study is 6 years

Tuition starting from

$4000 /سنويا

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Specialty of general medicine in Ukraine


The Bachelor of General Medicine degree offered by Ukrainian universities is a 6-year study program focused on the general intensive study of the major.

The largest number of foreign students in Ukraine chose to study medicine major. Ukrainian medical certificates are recognized by the World Health Organization, UNESCO and other international accreditation bodies, and this is what made this specialty among the most sought-after specialties. Also, former graduates from Ukraine are in important medical positions around the world.

The MD degree obtained after six years is the equivalent of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) awarded by Commonwealth countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Nigeria, etc. The language of instruction is English for international students. Classes are divided into small groups of 6-10, allowing each student to receive special attention from the teachers. After graduation, the student may choose to start a profession or continue studying for further specialization in areas such as oncology, clinical medicine, radiology, public health, cardiology, etc.

Admission Requirements
  • International passport (valid for at least one year)
  • High School Graduation Certificate (O level / SSCE / HSSCE / IGCSE / WAEC / NECO / NABTEB)
  • Filled application form (with permanent / current postal address (street name, city, zip code, country), phone / mobile number)
  • The admission processing fee is US $ 300.
Tuition and cost

the serviceprice
Admission processing fee
(Includes letter of invitation, visa support / confirmation and courier service fee)
300 $
Tuition Fee (per year)5000 $
University housing (per year)1000 $

Please note: Tuition fees and accommodation may be subject to change / review by the university

Note: The admission processing fee must be paid in advance to begin the admission process.

Other mandatory fees

the servicethe cost
Reception at the airport100 $
Translation and authentication of registration documents100 $
Medical insurance and temporary residence card for 6 years900 $
 Registration services and administrative fees600 $

Note: This is a one-time compulsory payment only for the first year of study
The residence card is the temporary residence permit that is granted to the student by the Ukrainian Immigration and Passports Administration and allows the student to stay, enter and exit from Ukraine for the duration of the card's validity

Medical universities in Ukraine

We provide you with formal partnerships with the best state medical universities in Ukraine
All universities selected are internationally ranked universities with international accreditation

Kharkiv Medical University

Crazen National University

Bogomolets National University

Vinnytsia National University

Advantages of studying medicine in Ukraine

  • Global recognition (WHO, UNESCO, Council of Europe, Association of International Universities);
  • Education standards validated and in compliance with European Union requirements;
  • Cost-effectiveness, as Ukraine is one of the cheapest places to study and the installment costs are the cheapest, Oruria
  • Ukrainian medical certificates are internationally accredited and allow their holder to practice the profession after graduation
  • Emphasis on the practical side. Most of the medical universities have more than 10 to 20 hospitals for practical training and internships.
  • Large educational and training facilities, practical work using modern medical equipment and hospital treatment of patients;
  • The admission process is very simple. No tests and exams!
  • To study in English, no IELTS or TOIFEL is required;
  • The admission process does not exceed 3 working days
Reserve your seat now

We guarantee that you will get your school seat as soon as you submit your application. We have study seats allocated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Higher Education

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للموسم الدراسي 2021/2022

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Rating 5/5 by 12,000 students

Our services

Our services are licensed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education

Our services

Our services are licensed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education

The Zazyfun Foundation is the only licensed institution in the Middle East and North Africa region, and the official partner of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science to admit international students to Ukrainian universities.

As the authorized representative of Ukrainian universities, we are the only organization that offers a full range of services designed to meet the needs of international students seeking world-class education in Ukraine.

In ten years, we have successfully completed more than 15,000 student registrations in Ukrainian universities from all over the world.

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Articles and Tips

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